Our Team


David Baltimore and Robert “Tij” Tjian areĀ  active champions and advisors on behalf of the Alliance. As the former leaders of the California Institute of Technology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, respectively, they have decades of experience in the most effective ways to fund basic science, in addition to being active researchers who understand how great basic research is done.

David Baltimore, Ph.D.
President Emeritus, Caltech

Robert Tjian, Ph.D.
Former President, HHMI; Biochemist, UC Berkeley


Valerie Conn
Executive Director, President-elect (Jan 1, 2020)

Sue Merrilees
Senor Advisor

Julie S. Kohrt
Director of Events

Ruby Barcklay
Director of Communications

Jason Tung, Ph.D.
Director of Partnerships

Elenoa Fuka
Operations Manager

Lana Ha
Executive Assistant